XXX Story 2 - Beautiful Relationship 

The Start of a Beautiful Relationship

Hi, my name is Alicia. I am a 42 year old housewife (Domestic Goddess). I'm originally from Ohio, but I now live in California. I am a bisexual exhibitionist who loves to go to clubs, billiard rooms, X-rated movies and stores dressed very sexily. I usually wear a revealing dress, garter belt and stockings or my crotch-less panty hose and cum-fuck-me pumps. I love exposing myself to men while my husband watches. I love to see the looks on their faces and if they're nice I love to make their fantasy cum true. I get off giving head and being fucked in public. I find it incredibly exciting to think that I might get caught or that someone is watching. I love to give head sometimes more than fucking. I've been told that I give the best, wettest blow jobs around. My mouth literally flows and my pussy gets soaking wet looking at a cock and feeling it throbbing in my hot wet mouth. I love to hear a man just before his cock explodes in my mouth. And yes I do love to swallow, unless he wants to see his thick gooey load on my face or I want my husband to feel his hot cum inside me. I find it incredibly exciting to meet a woman who enjoys the pleasures that only another woman can share. It's even more exhilarating to find another nasty woman who loves to blow people away with public affection and a good hot show.
I need to give you a little history about the wonderful relationship I have with my husband. I can't use his real name because of his work, so I will just refer to him as Gunter.

My husband and I have been together for 5 years. We first met at a party of my girlfriend, Jenna. I asked her who he was and she told me that he was her next door neighbor. She obviously could tell that I was interested in him. She told me that she had already slept with him and that he was great in bed. She told me that it wasn't serious with them and it was just a fun time. I know what Jenna is like in the bedroom because we have shared our own intimate moments together. She introduced me to him and we hit it off right from the beginning. That night I saw for myself how Gunter was in bed. I was definitely interested in him. Gunter has a great body from his surfing with a fantastic tan to go with it. He has an 8" cock with a normal size cock head. His cum is usually thin, but plentiful and best of all, always sweet. That night he was able to cum 3 times and still can if the mood is right. He is always hard and ready.

That night we felt so comfortable together that we shared our most erotic and intimate thoughts with one another. Before the morning came, I told him that I was bisexual and that I loved giving head as much as fucking. I told him that I have had a 3 some with both sexes. I told him that I had fucked and sucked 8 guys in a 24 hr period while in Florida on spring break. In that adventure it was always just me and the guy, as I went from camp party to camp party. I told him that I really liked that. I told him that I really liked to be with 2 guys at the same time. That way I could have both of my favorite things, a cock in my mouth and one in my pussy. I told him that it was hard to find the right guys, because it's hard to find 2 guys that wouldn't have head trips about being naked together and rub up against each other by accident. I told him that my friends called me an exhibitionist because I would flash people at the drop of a hat or dare. I just like doing it because I enjoy blowing people away and giving people a thrill. I had one girlfriend who I loved going to clubs with because we would put on this hot and nasty show together. If the situation is right, I have even fucked and sucked guys in public at clubs or outdoors if they're really nice. So I know I am not a tease. I hate girls who put on all this show and don't follow it up with action. Hey, if you're going to get a guy all hot and hard and he pays you a compliment, the courteous thing to do is at least let him touch or get him off. Even if it's just a hand job.

I told him all of this looking for a reaction. In the past I have told potential boyfriends this (never all at once like this). Most guys would have this dumb founded look on their faces and from their comments you could tell they couldn't and wouldn't hang. I believe that it is very important to be honest with one another right away so you're not wasting each other's time. In Gunter's case he had this big smile on his face and told me that he would be happy to help me fulfill any and all of my fantasies. He told me that he considered himself a very sexually open person. He had been with a girl and his best friend and it was a very cool thing. He told me that the girl was extremely pleased. He told me that he has no problem with my sexual inhibitions and my desire to flash strangers. He thought that this was totally wild and exciting. He said that he never believed the stories that he read in the adult magazines until he met me.

I had a feeling that I had finally met my soul mate, but since I had been let down so many times before I had to be sure. So, I gave him a test. We went out the following Friday night to a local club and I wore a very revealing see-through short dress. He complimented me on my dress and told me that he had a feeling that it was going to be a fun night. At the club I got several nasty looks from men and I looked to see if Gunter was getting jealous. To my surprise Gunter positioned me in a high bar stool so that when I uncrossed my legs anyone that was looking could see up my short dress and catch a clear view of my pussy. He waited till one of the guys who had been checking me out was looking. Then he put his hand on my bare thigh just above my thigh high hose. Then he slowly slid his hand over to my pussy hair and played with it. He then slipped a finger into my now wet pool and fingered me to an orgasm. The guy who was watching hit his buddies arm next to him as if he could have a witness to this hot show. I looked directly at them and pulled Gunter's finger out of me and licked off my juices from his finger. They both stared on with their mouths wide open.
They then were in deep discussion with one another as if they were daring one another to cum over and talk to me. Finally one of them got up and came over. He introduced himself and told me that on beGunterf of his friend and himself and every man of the world he just wanted to thank me. I reached out and touched his arm telling him that he was cute and I hoped that he liked it. I introduced my boyfriend to him and Gunter shook his hand. I could tell that the guy (Tom) was uncomfortable about his showing sexual feelings openly with Gunter being there. (Now I can never figure this out. Hey if were being open like that obviously it's ok). Then Gunter bent over and whispered in my ear and asked if Iwanted him. Now I was wondering if he was testing me. I called his bluff and told him that I did. Gunter turned to Tom and asked him if he would be interested in moving from the voyeur status to actually being with me. Tom's face had a look of Gomer Pyle. Golly, Gee, are you kidding. He gladly accepted until I told him that my boyfriend had to be there. He told me that he didn't know if he could do it with another guy being there. I asked him if he would feel better if his buddy joined him. Tom hesitated as I looked over to Gunter to see his reaction as well. Gunter gave me his approval with a smile. Tom told me that he would have to ask his buddy.

As we waited for Tom to confer with his friend I asked Gunter if he was all right with all of this. He told me that he was totally excited and hard just thinking of me being with another guy. I told him that my last boyfriend told me the same thing until he saw it first hand. He told me not to worry as he moved my hand over to the front of his pants. I could feel his rock hard cock throbbing in his pants. Within a few minutes Tom returned with his friend Chad.

Tom and Chad came over with big Cheshire-cat grins on their faces. Tom introduced me and Gunter to Chad. I asked them if we were going to have some fun tonight. Tom told me that they were looking forward to it but they had a small problem. Tom was married and Chad lived with his girlfriend. We weren't going to go back to our houses so I suggested that we go out to the parking lot. Tom said that he had a nice big American car so we finished our drinks and left. We got into Tom's car with Gunter up front in the driver's seat and me in the back seat in between my new friends. As we sat there, Tom wasted no time getting better acquainted with me. He began kissing me with deep soft kisses while he moved his hand under my dress. As Tom touched my pussy lips, I turned toward Chad and let him know that I wasn't ignoring him. Chad kissed me with his tongue circling my lips. I get totally wet and horny if a guy kisses right and these guys were great.

As Tom slid his finger into my wet pussy I couldn't help but begin to ride it as if it was his cock. As Tom picked up the pace, I began to breathe heavier and faster. I had to stop and catch my breath as I threw my head back. Tom brought me to a shattering orgasm. As I came back to reality I looked in the rear view mirror and saw that boyfriend was looking back at me. I smiled and bent over to pull Chad's cock out of his pants. As I pulled out his semi-hard cock I noticed that it he was uncircumcised. I told him that I loved uncircumcised cocks because I loved playing with the soft skin with my lips. I could also pretend that it was a pussy by sticking my tongue into the soft skin hole when I pull it up.

Tom continued to finger my now soaked pussy. As I put the head of Chad's cock in my mouth, I could taste his pre cum. It tasted salty as I swallowed his seed and my saliva down my throat. Tom began fingering me faster and harder. Chads cock swelled in my mouth as I gave him my patent blow job. Suddenly my pussy let loose and I gushed all over Tom's hand. I pulled my mouth off of Chads cock and I looked back at Tom to apologize. I told him that if the right spot is hit, I gush. He told me that it was ok that he dated a girl that did that. He told me that it was a compliment that he was doing it right. I kissed him and went back to sucking his friend. I stroked Chad's cock as I worked it with my mouth, getting it all wet.

I could hear Tom unzipping his pants and I knew what was cumming. Tom positioned himself behind me and before he slid his cock into me I heard him ask Gunter if it was ok. Gunter told him that he was so horny watching that if Tom didn't, he would. With that Tom slid his rock hard cock past my pussy lips and he buried his pole in me. I immediately could tell that he had to have had a very large cock head because it felt as if he was going to rip me apart as it pushed past my pussy lips. Then I felt my pussy as it enveloped his shaft. As he began to pull back I felt his cock head rub against my pussy walls. It totally filled me up. He pulled almost all the way out but quickly plunged it back into me. Fortunately, I was extremely lubricated from his fingering me. Tom continued this motion as I worked on Chad's lovely cock. I could tell from his breathing that he wouldn't last much longer.

I slowed down just enough to prolong his cumming. If anyone has ever received a blow job from me they know that I love to play with their cock like a dog's new chew toy (no I don't use any teeth, although I have had some guys who like that). Tom sent electricity through my body as he fucked me like his cock was a jack hammer. I released Chad's cock just long enough to tell Tom to fuck me harder. Tom didn't need any further encouragement as he increased his thrust into me. With every thrust forward I could hear his waist slapping into my ass. I could feel his heavy balls slapping up against my pussy which only increased the sensation.

I took my free hand and reached under neath me and gently caressed his balls. Tom began to breathe heavier and told me that he was gonna cum. He asked me where I wanted it and I told him that I wanted to feel his cum inside of me. I was on the pill so I didn't worry, besides I absolutely love the feeling of hot cum inside me. That was all it took as Tom slammed into me letting out a low groan. I felt his body tense up against me as his seed exploded inside me. I felt it hit the deepest part of my pussy. I released Chad's cock and threw my head back in ecstasy.

Just then Chad grabbed my head and shoved it down on his cock just as he let loose of thick spray of his cum into my mouth. He must have been saving it up because he continued to shoot what felt like a pint of his cream inside my mouth. I quickly began to swallow as fast as I could, but I still couldn't hold it all in. Some of his cum seeped out the corners of my mouth and down my chin. After he gave one last shudder releasing the last drop of his juice, I pulled away showing him his cum on my tongue. I licked my lips showing him how good he tasted. As Tom's now softening cock slid out of my swollen pussy, I could feel his goo oozing out of me. I tickled as it ran past my lips and down my leg.

Both men thanked Gunter for allowing me to take care of them. Gunter told them not to thank him, but they should be thanking me. As we got dressed and situated I asked Gunter if he was ready for me to take care of him. Gunter told me that he wanted to let me rest, besides he told me that the night was young. As we got out of the car I couldn't help but notice that there was a guy sitting in a car behind us. I wondered if he had been there long and had possibly seen anything. He smiled at me letting me know that he was at least aware of what we were doing. As we walked back inside, I felt Tom's still warm cum oozing out of my pussy as I walked. It made me feel warm all over knowing that another man's cum was in me and that I gave pleasure to 2 men and my boyfriend was so far cool with it.

As we sat down at our booth next to each other I took Gunter's hand and placed it between my legs. He felt Tom's cum coating my thighs. He dipped his finger into my still full well and I heard him give out a quiet moan of pleasure. He slowly fingered my soaked pussy, telling me how exciting it was to feel another man's cum inside me. I told him that it was still warm. He told me that he almost came in his pants just watching and hearing my moans of ecstasy. It was at that point that I knew that Gunter and I were meant for one another.