Sex Slings and Swing 

Love Swing
Hundreds of combinations of positions for one or two people.
Soft padded stirrups for feet, ankles, calves, or thighs.
Soft padded stirrups for back and butt supports are fully adjustable.
Fully adjustable, extra wide, ballistic weave nylon straps for maximum comfort.
Fully adjustable hanging hardware for different heights and bounce
Weight limit is 200lbs when it hangs from the spring. If you take the spring off, the weight limit is 400lbs.

Doggie Style Strap
A sex toy that you can really get behind! This cummer-bund harness adds comfort and pizzazz to doggie style pleasures.
Drill Sergeant Ankle Restraints
Use these ankle restraints to make sure he doesn't fall out of line! Ankle cuffs are made from comfortable Neoprene material. Black webbing Restraint straps are adjustable up to 15in. The Drill Sergeant uses Velcro closures for secure restraint with quick release. Use the Drill Sergeant to maximize multiple positions!
Fetish Fantasy Sex Harness
Get the perfect position for pleasure every time with the Fetish Fantasy Sex Harness! This full body support sling can instantly turn an ordinary erotic encounter into a night of excitement and experimentation. With the Sex Harness, there's no need for bulky ceiling swings, position pillows or any other sex furniture. Just slide the full body harness on, strap your partner in, and get ready for incredible positions and explosive adventures! Enjoy all the advantages of an anchored sex swing without having the actual swing! The Sex Harness helps you effortlessly support and maneuver your partner, allowing you to get closer and more intimate than ever before! Difficult sexual positions are no longer limited to the gifted and sexually athletic! With this simple over-the-shoulder harness, you can control your lover's movement like never before! Indulge together in satisfying sex, without worrying about tiring or over-extending yourself. Enjoy weightless penetration, in any position you can imagine, thanks to the sturdy leather thigh straps and easy-grip chest handles. Simply slide your partners legs into the padded thigh straps, grab a hold of the rubber chest handles, and get ready for the wild ride! The padded neck cushion takes the strain off your neck and shoulders, while the straps easily adjust to fit most sizes. Go ahead, explore your deepest and most difficult Fetish Fantasies!
Fetish Fantasy Spread Eagle Sling
Get the perfect angle every time with the Spread-Eagle Sling! Let your imagination take you beyond your physical limits with a little help from this simple position aid. Sturdy nylon straps comfortably hold your legs in place so they won't tire when the action heats up, allowing you to get closer and deeper than ever before. The neck strap is padded for extra comfort, and the nylon straps easily adjust to fit most sizes. Enjoy new positions you never thought were possible with ease and comfort.
Hard Rider Plow Belt
This soft padded plow belt is perfect for any couple looking for added support in their sex. With strap handles for a sure grip, you can rest assured you will be riding hard for a long time!
Penetration Station
All aboard for the ride of your life! The Penetration Station has been designed to maximize the thrust and endurance of multiple positions. This aide will adjust to fit any size mattress. It sets up easily and stays hidden on your bed at all times. Included is a 12' center strap, four 7' leverage straps and four Neoprene attachments. Here comes the pleasure train!

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