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The game for lovers that takes you and your partner through a dizzying array of sensuous thrills. Illustrated cards guide you through a series of sexy trials. But be careful! No matter how excited you get, you have to keep your passions in check. The game includes: 1 board, 4 decks of cards, 1 die, 1 hourglass, 2 tokens.

Discover Your Lover Game

An erotic game for two! The most important goal of the game is to activate and stimulate your sexual energy and to heighten your attention for each other. This game brings you closer together and shows you surprising sides of yourself and your partner. Discover Your Lover is disarming, exciting, direct and daring. You must try to reach the finish as quickly as possible by answering the questions and performing the tasks. Then the winner's ultimate desire can be fulfilled. The questions test both your knowledge of erotic matters and how well you know each other sexually. The tasks range from tender and playful to more passionate and rather challenging. You get to play the game exactly as suits you best. Game box measures 10.25inW x 10.25inT x 2.5inD. Take a sexual journey with your partner!

Dare PC Game for Couples Premium Edition

Dare is the high quality and exciting board computer game for couples. Simply put Hot Hot Hot Action! The goal of DARE: To fulfill each other's fantasy and to have a blast doing it. In creating Dare, we created a game that would not only be wild and fun but would bring couples closer together to share with each other their inner-most thoughts and desires, and have an incredible time doing it! We have incorporated 7 mini-games into the overall Dare experience to make the game not only sexually adventurous but fun to play over and over again. Playing Dare is simple - just enter your name and your ultimate fantasy to be fulfilled by your lover if you win. You can also win if you bankrupt your lover and they lose all their clothes and money! (There are obviously no losers in this win-win situation.) Premium Edition adds 100 more new Questions, Dares, How well Do you Know me and our other PC couples game Strip Picture Poker! Compatible with all versions of Windows PC.

Shower Sutra Game

Spin your way to steamy sex! Simply attach the spinner to the shower wall using the supplied suction cups. Players take turns spinning the wheel and acting out the positions as illustrated on the game spinner. Shower-Sutra is perfect for the bathtub, hot-tub or shower.

Hump The Game

The game of erotic education and sexual satisfaction! You and your lover learn about each other's libidos while traveling around the game board. The woman asks the man erotic questions about how to please her, and the man asks the woman erotic questions about how to please him. Some cards offer general lovemaking tips and others are more personal to the likes and dislikes of the lover asking the question. The more you know, the faster you make it around the board. The winner is the player who reaches the HUMP! space at the end of the game board first. The winner enjoys the reward of selecting three cards to interpret and act out during lovemaking. The game includes a game board, 52 ask him cards, 52 ask her cards, two game markers, die, and easy-to-follow instructions. Hurry and get to humping!

Kinky Bingo Game

A sexy new game for every couple! This bingo game is for 2 to 12 players. The contents include 250 Kinky Bingo chips, 60 sexy calling cards, and 12 Kinky Bingo cards. It's wild, zany, fun and seductive!

Noveltease Inflatable Beach Ball-Sac

Inflatable ball-sac. Play kick-ball the fun and painless way. Bring balls to the beach. Perfect for bachelor or bachelorette parties, naughty birthday parties and girls' night out. Includes a repair kit.

Noveltease Paint a Pecker, Stiffy

Shockingly stiff pecker character. Paintable ceramic material. Includes 4 colors of paint and paint brush. Perfect game or activity for bachelorette parties, wedding showers, and birthdays.

Truth or Dare Coaster Party Game

They're Truth or Dare Coasterss that double as a fun and fabulous Party Game. Get the gang together and enjoy the fun.

Sweet Slut or Skank Game

This hilarious scavenger hunt contains a set of pop-out penis-shaped cards with three sets of points - one for a sweet/mild dare, one for a slut/naughty dare, and one for a skank/bold! dare. For example, the player would get 2 points for getting a guy to show his abs, 5 points for touching his abs, and 10 for licking them! Buy a set of card for each of your friends and have an incredible Bachelorette party! A fun way to break the ice and see just how daring your buddies really are! Color: White, Purple Type: Bachelorette Party Game Material: Cardboard Count: 1 Set Of Cards

I've Never The Game Of Truth

Our version of I've Never... repackages the classic, informally played drinking game as a board game. The object is still the same. You'll discover which friends are secretly wild, which ones are harboring shocking, deep secrets and which ones are truly, certifiably crazy. Who knew? (You will, after playing this outrageously hilarious game.) So, if you're looking for a fun, out of the ordinary drinking game to play at your next college party, adult birthday party, bachelorette party, girls night-out, office party (fun companies only!), happy hour, school reunion or dinner party then look no further!

Talk Dirty To Me Lover Game

Party down with this spicy dice game of 'dirty' possibilities! Includes 42 dice, 2 timers and rule sheet. For 2 or more adult players and great for livening up parties.

The Naughty Weekender Kit

Kit comes with everything you need for forty-eight hours of romance, though it doesn`t have to be on a weekend. The included game will encourage you and your partner to explore different experiences. So this game is not for the single minded. Themes go from massaging to sensual games even hints of bondage. If you are looking for a naughty weekend this kit has something for you. Included is a board game, tea lights, blind fold, body candy, massage oils, and body balm.

Sensations Game

Make your senses come alive when you play this thrilling sex game for couples. Enjoy sensations of every kind with your partner as you explore each other by earning and redeeming naughty vouchers. What's your pleasure?

Naughty Contests Ribbons

Awards for the craziest night! The Naughty Contests Ribbons come in a pack of five. Each of the ribbons has a category on it and adhesive backing. Place the ribbon on any award winning man you see. Find all the prizes of your ladies night out!

Suck for a Buck

A classic Bachelorette Party accessory made easy, the Suck for a Buck kit contains everything you need to deck out the bride to be for an evening at the bar or club! Slip on the silky sash, which reads SUCK FOR A BUCK in large pink letters for all to read. Use the safety pins to attach the included candy to the sash, and watch the dollars start rolling in! A fun way to break the ice or earn drink money on a brides last night out, this kit is sure to make the evening! Color: Pink Type: Bachelorette Party Game Material: Polyester Kit Includes: Sash, Safety Pins, Candy.

Peter Pecker Inflatable Party Doll with Ring Toss Game

Topco Sales Peter Pecker is a hilarious game to spice up your next ladies only party. While men throw horseshoes at a barbecue, ladies need a game that will keep their attention. The game is simple; take turns tossing rings at the foot long dong on a life size doll. Whoever rings the ding wins. Laugh out loud fun that may start the gossip on penis size!

Skinny Dipper Ring Toss

- Inflatable, reversible naughty pool party ring toss doll
- Female side features a flirty face and pointy boob targets
- Male side features a hairy chest, studly face, and a perky peter target
- Six rings and repair kit included
- Perfect for pool parties, barbecues, bachelor or bachelorette parties

Sexy Scavenger Hunt Game

Sexy Scavenger Hunt game livens up a bachelorette party or girls night out! Includes: 60 Sexy Scavenger Hunt cards, instructions. For 2 or more adult players.

Sexy Slang Party Game of Charades and Drawings

A party game of charades and drawings with a naughty twist! This si the adult party game where teams of 2 or more race to act or draw out naughty words and phrases through hilarious charades and drawings. Great for Bachelorette parties, dinner parties, and vacation houses! Sexy Slang is the perfect icebreaker for singles and couples. Game includes 500 Sexy Slang cards, 2 dry-erase boards, dry-erase markers, a Sexy Slang scorepad and a timer. Forget traditional bored games and get the party started with Sexy Slang!

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