Bath and Body 

Anti-stress Aromatherapy Creamy Massage Oil

Spoil yourself from head to toe! Massage away the stress with this non-dripping, non-staining creamy aromatherapy oil. Made from the finest ingredients, which include a special blend of oils, the Serene scented massage oil leaves you as smooth as velvet. This Anti-Stress Massage Oil with pheromones is excellent for very dry skin. The 6.5 in plastic tube contains 4 fl. oz. Relax and indulge... you deserve it!


You can become a seductive temptress with this delightfully scented Seduction Crazy Girl Pheromone Sexy Body Mist. The pheromones are known to inspire mischievous behavior and tantalize all those around you. Generously sprits it all over to set your alter ego free!

Coochy Shave Kit

Get smooth, sexy skin even when you are on the go! Coochy Rash Free Shave Cream is specially formulated to protect skin and provide a smooth, moisturizing shave to any part of the body. It is designed for all skin types, including sensitive skin. Appropriate for use on legs, underarms, pubic area, face, and body. Coochy is also a great moisturizing conditioner that softens even the coarsest facial and body hair. It is a fabulous hair conditioner after shampooing too! This collection includes four 1-ounce bottles of Coochy Rash Free Shave Cream in a dainty plastic travel satchel. Included are: Original Fragrance - Alluring array of light florals with a hint of baby powder freshness, Pear Berry Fragrance - Provocative medley of sweet D'Anjou Pear and luscious summer berries, and Green Tea Fragrance - Natural green tea leaf with lingering notes of earthy botanicals. Fragrance Free - Delicate and sensitive with the emphasis on simplicity. Also included is a bottle of Coochy After Shave Protection Mist to soothe skin and form a protective barrier. Show your Coochy some love while traveling.

Bath Salts

Ensure some hot nights for yourself and your lover or give the gift of passion to a friend! The Hot Nights Bath Salts contains 3 tubes of salt and a clear plastic holder. The included scents of bath salts are Passion Strawberry, Sensuality Honeysuckle, and Foreplay Lavender/Vanilla. Each tube has a twist off plastic lid. These bath salts would make a wonderful gift for your girlfriend's birthday or bridal shower!

Jelly Mitt

The stretchable jelly mitt is 5 x 8 in. There are 2 thumbholes because each side of the mitt has a different pattern. One side has long soft spikes that are long. The other side has soft little pyramids that are long. Use the mitt with soaps, oils, and lotions... Use your imagination!

Passion Pillow Mist

Taste. Touch. Sight. Sound. And smell. The most passionate romantic interludes appeal to all five of the senses. Delight them all and spray bed linens or bath towels with a light mist of Lavender Rain scented Pillow Mist to set the stage for a night - or day - of scentsational satisfaction. Comes in 4 oz. bottle.

Kissable Kandle

The flames of passion will be flickering with this candle! The Kissable Kandle will heat up your adult fun. Simply light the candle and let it burn for no more than 30 minutes while you take in the delectable scent. After the candle has been put out, wait 30 seconds then pour the wax into your hands and use it to give your partner a sensuous and delicious massage. Metal tin contains a 4 oz. How about a lickable strawberry surprise?

Pure Instinct

Pure Instinct is a unisexed pheromone and sexually attracting fragrance that will awaken all of your senses. It also acts as a mood enhancer, increases sexual desire, elevates confidence and intensified sexual moments.

Body Glitter

Look totally radiant, like a star that's fallen from the sky, when you bedeck your bod with four fabulous and sparkly body glitter colors. Sprinkle the red, gold, silver, and champagne-colored glitter all over - in your hair, on your body, even underneath your clothes. Perfect for Halloween and the holidays, or any night you want to look extra special!

Soap Flakes

To enjoy the soothing sensations of a sensual bath, sprinkle the Sensuous Soap Flakes into a warm bath. In a variety of colors, the decadent flakes come in flower and heart shapes. The Sensuous Soap Flakes are packaged in a sturdy reusable 3.75 in x 2 in heart shaped container. It includes enough flakes for multiple bath time events. Light some candles and fill up the tub!

Shave Kreme

Experience the exotic blend of natural oils and emollients to reward yourself with a silky smooth shave. Leaves the skin feeling vibrant, irresistibly soft, and conditioned. Enhanced with Aloe Vera, Vitamin E, and Jojoba Oil. Not tested on animals.

Toy Covers

Cover up with Toy Covers! California Exotic Novelties brand Toy Covers are sanitary sleeves made of the highest quality natural rubber latex and manufactured under ISO 9001 standards in a certified facility with stringent quality standards. Each and every Toy Cover is electronically tested to provide maximum protection Toy Covers have a non-reservoir tip Toy Covers are non-lubricated latex.

Clean Spray

Pjur Med Clean Spray Lotion is the first anti-viral, anti-bacterial spray on the market. Leaves you with a Pjur clean feeling! Use Pjur before or after an intimate encounter for a fresh clean feeling for you and your toys. Pjur as can be!

Fresh Wipes

For instant sensual arousal and feminine freshness, keep Crazy Girl Femme Fresh Wipes with Libido Enhancers at your fingertips. Each moist wipe has a fresh clean fragrance. Be ready, be fresh, and be sexy too!

Butt Wipes

Feel clean from the bottom up! These are great cleansing and desensitizing anal wipes. The antibacterial wipes clean the skin and leaves behind a fresh, cool breeze scent. The ingredient, Lidocaine, gently desensitizes for easier anal fun. The packaging is resealable and includes 10 wipes. Butt wipes for bottoms up fun!

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