People love anal play because it feels great. While our society is rife with rumors that anal play is painful and damaging to our bodies, the truth is that butt sex can be healthy and extremely pleasurable. Your anus is packed with nerve endings, and they are the same kind of nerve endings found throughout our genitals: the ones that make other types of sex pleasurable. Anal penetration is also the only way to stimulate the prostate, the male equivalent of the G-spot. To find it, feel the front wall of the anus (toward your partnerís belly button). Itís about two to three inches inside, and it has a slightly crinkled texture that people compare to the surface of an almond. Some men can have orgasms from having their prostates stimulated.

If your partner is hesitant to explore their butt, you may have to dispel some of the rumors they've heard about anal sex. Letís just address some of the common myths upfront:
ē"It hurts!" Anal sex only hurts if youíre doing it incorrectly. The majority of us carry a lot of tension in our assholes--the same way we carry stress in our shoulders. Pain results when an object is forced through tight sphincter muscles, damaging the delicate anal tissues. If anal sex ever hurts, you should stop or take the stimulation back a notch. Remember--the key to anal pleasure is relaxation and lubrication! (Please donít ever use numbing creams for anal sex. Pain is a warning signal from our bodies that we should take seriously.)
ē"It gives you hemorrhoids (and/or uncontrollable bowels)!" Most people find that when they start exploring butt play, their anal health improves. All muscles benefit from the increased circulation that results from exercise and relaxation.
ē"Itís messy!" Although youíre likely to encounter some poop in your anal sex career, itís probably going to be a lot less than you imagined. Most anal play engages only the first few inches of the anus and rectum, which do not store feces. Most people find that a thorough wash in the shower does the trick for removing any surface grime. If youíre fastidious about cleaning, try an Anal Douche with regular room temperature tap water a couple hours before you play.
ē "It means youíre gay!" People of all genders and orientations enjoy anal play. We all have butts! Besides, itís a myth that all gay men only have anal sex. In fact, the majority of gay men report that oral sex is their favorite sexual activity.

The Right Stuff

So whatís the "right way" to do anal sex? Each of these steps is crucial to happy butt sex. [
1. Relax Beginners need to learn to relax the sphincter muscles that ring the anal opening. Learning to relax these muscles can take time--especially after years of neglect or tension. Run your finger along the anus to relax it first. Gently insert lubed finger into the anus. Ask your partner to push out as if trying to have a bowel movement and that will relax the outer sphincter enough to slip in a finger or butt toy.
2. Communicate Itís important that the person being penetrated control the pace of play. Nothing should ever be forced or hurried in anal play, and partners should stay in close communication about what feels good--and what doesnít.
3. Use lots of lube. Donít skimp on lube! The fragile lining of the anus does not lubricate sufficiently for pleasurable anal sex. Add more lube than you think you need. Generously lube the anus and your toy, and reapply often. A thick lube stays where you put it and can protect delicate anal tissues if you use enough.
4. Go slow. Especially at first, when your toy or finger first enters the anus, your partner will need some time to adjust to the sensation. Check in about what feels good. As he learns to relax his sphincter muscle he'll probably request more vigorous thrusting.
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