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Suck His Cock My Wife Says!

When I wrote about the first time I had gone down on a guy, it was difficult to admit that I want a guy's dick in my mouth and to taste his cum. I love females and the taste of pussy and the feeling of being inside of them. But one thing that only I knew, is that I get instantly hard when I think of tasting a guy's cum. I had told my wife about it and for month's she handled it pretty well. She wanted me to tell her the things I had done, how many times and everything I felt about it. But she finally realized I like cock as much as pussy and she began to resent it. I had sucked off more guys than she had!

She teased me in private and eventually began to make comments in front of other people. They just thought she was messing with me and I'd laugh it all off. But she and I knew she was telling people I liked sucking dicks.

One night we had some friends over and after a barbecue, we sat around drinking and things got a little bit loose. My wife was sitting on the couch with her best friend and were talking between themselves, while my friend and I were talking across the room. I caught part of my wife's conversation and nudged by friend to listen. The girls were talking about sex. I couldn't hear what my wife had just told her friend, but she looked at me with her hand covering her mouth and giggled saying, "REALLY?". I hadn't heard but I suspected right away she told my secret to her friend.

They whispered back and forth and then I saw my wife start laughing at what she had just been told. I looked at my friend and he had a strange look on his face, as I'm sure I had too. The girls looked at us and my wife told us they were wondering which of us had the biggest dick. I started laughing and my friend did too. The girls told us to drop our pants and let them see which of us was bigger. I told them there was no way I was going to show them my dick. They giggled some more and then started telling us to take them out and stand facing each other with our dicks side to side. They wanted to see them both next to each other.

I told my wife I wasn't going to rub my dick against his dick. She looked at me and said, "Yeah but I know you'd like to put his dick in your mouth"! I went numb but managed a denial. But she came right back at me with, "Come on you told me you liked sucking dicks". I looked at my friend and tried to play it off, but it was too late. My friend was beet red and trying not to look at me. His wife told him she wanted to see who had the biggest dick and to drop his pants. He told her no, but then she simply told him, "Do it or I'll tell them how you used to suck dicks too"! Now everything was out in the open.

My wife then told me that now that everyone knew that I liked sucking off guys, I should just admit it. I was frozen and excited and scared at the same time! I couldn't believe she gave my secret up like that in front of our friends.

Then I realized what the girls had done. They both knew us both and our intimate thoughts. They wanted to see us go down on each other. They wanted to see if we'd really do it. I told the girls if they took their clothes off, I would let them see my dick. I was already thinking that tasting some cum would be kind of nice and letting others see me sucking a guy off would be exciting on top of it all. My friend smiled and told them to take their clothes off and he would let them see his dick too.

The girls started undressing right in the living room. I couldn't believe it. My friend's wife was a very pretty red head and her nipples were as pink and inviting as I had ever seen! My wife is pretty too, but a brunette. Her nipples are very light pink and big. They didn't stop there. They took everything off and sat next to each other brushing their fingers over each other's breasts. I was already hard when they told us to take our clothes off. My friend was hard too and when I saw his dick I knew I wanted it in my mouth.

The girls told us to face each other and put our dicks side by side. He was smaller than me but just barely. We both had precum leaking and his was getting on me, so I made sure I got some on him too. The girls giggled and my wife told them that I used to suck off my friends when I was younger. She told them some of the things I had done and how often I used to do it. Her friend just sat there with her mouth open and trying to keep from giggling. She then told us that my friend had went down on a few guys too and told her how much he liked having cum in his mouth. She said that he had often told her he would like to taste it again.

I looked at my friend and couldn't believe it. He was just like me! "Really", I asked him? He nodded yes and I told him, "me too".

The girls then told us they wanted to watch us suck each other off. I told them I would suck his dick if they would let us watch them make each other cum. They agreed, and as I sucked my friend's dick I saw them playing with each other's clits and pussies.

I was so horny I really got into sucking him. The feeling of getting to have another cock in my mouth was super exciting. I could taste him and the flavor of his dick was so satisfying. It had been years since I had done it. He began cumming in my mouth and I gulped his cum and swallowing what I could, some ran down my chin and dripped onto my chest. I finished sucking him and let him fall from my mouth. My wife came over and kissed me, tasting him cum. She licked it from my chin and chest and told me she wanted some of him too.

His wife told him to suck me and he did. It took only seconds for me to cum and before I finished she leaned in and I came in her mouth too.

Both of our wives told us they wanted us to be happy, but my wife told me she wanted to fuck my friend. His wife told him she wanted to fuck me. We looked at each other realizing we were going to have the best of it all. The taste of cum, the taste of pussy, it was all good.

We meet up often and share each other's gifts. I've still sucked more dicks than my wife has, but she seems satisfied having two men to fuck her. Not to mention the times we have talked the girls into tasting each other.

My First Time

I lay there in bed, looking across towards the other bed, and he didn't know I was watching him touch himself. My dick was already hard and I was horny as hell looking at his hand sliding up and down his dick. There was just enough light coming into the room that I could see the head of his dick and it was wet and shiny. He was taking his time and would stop every now and then and bring his hand up to his face and place his fingers to his lips. I knew he was tasting his own wetness. I was getting wet too.

My breathing was irregular as I watched and I could hardly control the loudness of it. I was trying to restrain myself as I wanted to cum so badly. I didn't want to admit it, but I also wanted to touch him. Feel his dick with my hand and fingers and well, maybe my mouth too. I had never sucked another guy's dick before, but tonight there I was thinking about sucking his and letting him cum in my mouth. And, well, even swallowing it. I admit it, I wanted to do it. I knew I did, but I was so afraid to just tell him. I knew if I waited too long he would cum and my chance would be over, I was afraid, but I wanted it bad enough to overcome my fears. So I raised up in bed, leaning on my elbow and asked him if he'd mind if I watched him.

He froze immediately. I knew I had scared him, another guy had seen him jacking off. But the realization of my question hit him right away too. That question let him know that I thought it was OK and wanted to watch him do it. I was telling him I wanted to share in his pleasure. That in itself was hard enough for me to do, since I have always been a regular guy, chasing the girls and dating so often. But tonight I wanted him to know that I wanted to see his dick and maybe more.

His dick was still hard and his hand started slowly sliding up and down his dick again, very slowly as if he wasn't sure what to do. I told him I had been watching him , but I wanted to watch without hiding it from him. I told him I was horny and was jacking off too. He seemed to relax then, and I got out of bed and sat on the edge of his bed so I could see his dick better. Being so close to it, I could see it clearly and watched as his foreskin slid up and down over the head of it. He was as big as I am, except his dick had a slightly bigger arch to it than mine. He took his hand off of it and I realized that he was bigger than me, maybe an inch or so, but bigger and I reached over and touched it. My friend told me he thought I might want to touch him and I looked at him and told him that he was right and I began jacking him off. My fingers began to get covered in his slippery precum. I told him that I saw him tasting it and he told me that it tasted sweet to him. I raised my hand up and tasted it for myself and he was right, it was sweet tasting. Not sugary, but it had a sweet flavor. My friend told me that he was surprised at me tasting him. I told him that I was scared but I wanted to jack him off and maybe even suck it.

He told me that If I sucked his dick, he would do the same for me. I had slid my shorts off when I came over and he reached out and began jacking me off at the same time. I was covering his fingers with my precum too and he even licked it off of them. I told him to stop because I wanted him to enjoy what I was doing for him. To be truthful, I didn't want to cum yet, I wanted to enjoy what I was doing to him. As I slide up and down his dick I stopped and leaned forward taking it into my mouth. The first time I had ever sucked a guy's dick before, and I was thrilled to be doing it.

It didn't take me long to make him cum, but I licked and sucked every bit of his cum from him. I swallowed it all and couldn't get over how much he had squirted out. It was so thick, and strong tasting, and well making him cum was such a nice thing to be able to do. I slowly jacked him off some more and licked and sucked the head of his dick to get the rest of the cum that I had squeezed from him. I gently massaged his balls in my hand, slightly squeezing them and more cum came out. I licked that off too. He lay there all relaxed and comfortable. He then opened his eyes and told me he had promised to suck my dick and wanted to do it.

He took me into his mouth and the warm wet saliva and the softness of his lips drove me to cum almost right away. I had never shot so much cum before, but he sucked me, he swallowed and I watched as my cum came out past his lips and back onto me. He licked it up from me and swallowed and sucked me some more. I was so aroused I was out of breath and my dick was so tender, I felt I could cum again. He kept me in his mouth, just slightly sucking on me and flicking his tongue on the tip of my dick. I had went soft in his mouth and he started sucking me really hard. I could feel it in my balls, in seconds, I was cumming again. Not as much this time, but he made me cum a second time.

He told me that he had seen my dick earlier as I came out of the shower and he knew then that he wanted to go down on me. I hadn't ever realize that he wanted to suck me. I always thought he was a pure girl chaser. But then, I had always thought I was too, now there I was with his cum in my stomach.

That night we decided to be honest with each other and we did all kinds of things together. We rubbed our dicks all over each others faces and bodies. I let him cum on my face and he let me do the same with him. We finally went to sleep. For weeks after that night we continued doing it. We knew it was wrong for two guys to be doing it, but we wanted each others dicks and that taste of cum shooting into our mouths. We did nothing more than touch or suck each other after the first night, but it was with him that I realized how much I enjoyed having another guy's dick in my mouth.

I've since been married and told my wife about having sucked guy's off before. She was upset, but was nice to me, playing along and letting me get aroused at my own stories. She knew I wanted to do it again, but she also knew I wouldn't. Still it was nice being able to tell her. She always knew me as a man's man and never suspected I would do such a thing. I know I took something away from her by telling her, but I wanted her to know the truth about me. That I like sucking dicks and tasting all of that cum. I had always thought of her fucking another guy and letting me lick his cum from her pussy. If she would do that for me, she would get to fuck other guys, and I would get their cum. Such an arousing thought for a guy like me.

What a Wonderful Life

My wife and I are both 41 years old and we were high school sweethearts who got married shortly after we got out of high school. When Tamera and I reached 38 we decided we were getting flabby and she joined to local YMCA who have a great program for working out and since my store is 20 miles away, I joined a spa which is in the same shopping center as my store. We are both serious about our conditioning and stay in good shape.

Six months ago Tamera met, at the YMCA, a couple who are also serious about working out . Tamera and Ann Marie use a stair master and running machine for their workouts and this couple comes to the Y at the same time every day as Tamera. Tamera and our new friends hit it off so well that we were invited over to their house for a drink. When we got to their house, where they had just moved in, it was clear that they were very wealthy. Also, Tamera didn't tell me that they were both foreign, he Dutch and she Italian, and most importantly, they were both so good looking that they could pass as models. Ann Marie has a huge chest along with a beautiful set of legs and ass. He is my height, six-four, and obviously in great shape. You would never know it but they were both fifty-four and looked in their thirties. He is from old European money and when his mother died a few months before they moved to our town, he became very wealthy. They are retired and they travel around frequently for fun. The day I met them, they had just gotten a beagle puppy and were falling in love with it as we watched.

We compared our likes and dislikes and were so well matched that it was almost eerie. The only thing we found where we weren't a perfect match was that he liked soccer and I like baseball. We both wanted to learn bridge, and we liked to bike on weekends. There were many other matches, including our both having two kids who recently moved from the house, so that we were both on our own. We quickly became inseparable and even ate most of our dinners together. About a month after we met, they were going to New York for eighteen days and they hadn't thought about their new puppy and how to care for her while they were gone. We volunteered to take the dog, and they asked if we wouldn't mind staying at their house, to dog sit, since she was so young. Since they have a gorgeous house and a beautiful pool and they are only about ten minutes from our house, we said that we would be glad to stay at their house. They told us to use their master bedroom on the first floor, and anything in the house we were to consider as ours.

The night they left, we were in the bedroom and I turned on the TV for the evening news. I saw a number of tapes under their VCR and several of them were titled by years - from 1968 thru 1998 with a six hour tape for each year. On a whim, I put in the tape titled 1968.

What a surprise Tamera and I got when the screen lit up! There was a twenty four year old Ann Marie being persuaded by Jeremy to take off her clothes and pose for him. This gorgeous thing got naked, spread her legs, got on her hands and knees and stuck out her magnificent ass and Jeremy got her every crack, and then a new filming would occur, some time later, of about the same thing. At the third filming, after Jeremy did the usual filming, he then left the camera and came into view naked with a big hard-on. And when I say big, I mean BIG! His tool was, we saw later, twelve inches long and his cock head was enormous. It was the biggest cock Tamera or I had ever seen. Ann Marie somehow got his tool in her mouth for a suck and then they fucked in a lot of positions until he pulled out, stuck his meat in her mouth, and shot a big load into this beauty's very eager mouth. When I saw that angel slurping that big tool, I slid into Tamera's very wet pussy and almost immediately shot my load. Tamera was so hot that she licked my cock to get me hard again so she could fuck some more. Tamera is not an oral person at all and so this was rare for me and I got hard quickly and we had a nice long fuck while turning on "1968" again. The rest of the movie was more fucking and sucking and near the end Ann Marie was pregnant and we got to see her body changes as she got bigger. Her huge tits got even bigger and her nipples were about six inches across with the tips about an inch long and as thick as a fountain pen. She had her first child in 1969 and we saw her big tits getting milked by Jeremy in several very sexy shots. She aimed her big tit at the camera and squeezed her boob. Tiny jets of milk were going all over her beautiful body until Jeremy put his lips over the nipple and started swallowing. The rest of that year was more shots of Ann Marie and Jeremy except they were now fucking a lot more than before, which Tamera and I loved.

In 1970 near the end of the year, Ann Marie got pregnant again and so to that year's end and into 1971 we saw her belly and tits grow and she again showed us her tits with milk spilling out. But now something else was added. In what was obviously a motel room the camera starts with Jeremy opening the door and two young boys come in and after some talk with Jeremy, Ann Marie comes in the room in a see through robe and the boys get all excited and get obvious hard-ons. They lay on the bed next to one another with their heads almost hanging over the edge and Ann Marie lowers her nipples into their mouths and they start drinking her milk while she leans over and rubs their cocks. When her tits are emptied, she gets on her hands and knees and sucks one boy while the other doggie fucks her. When the boy in front comes, she turns around and sucks the other one to orgasm. They then stick their cocks in her in every combination possible until they can't come anymore and they leave. The next scene is in the same room only now two very young girls enter and Jeremy comes in with his huge hard-on. The girls coo and smile and I am sure that he won't be able to put his cock anywhere in their holes but they surprise me by taking him in all their holes and loving it. Tamera and I are so excited at this action that I am on top of her fucking and we are both watching the film and Tamera groans that she has got to get Han's huge pecker up her hole. She would like to see me with Ann Marie but she really wants to be fucked by our friend. Tamera and I had never talked like this before and just this wild candor was exciting. Her eyes were glazed over with lust as she looked at his pecker going into those little girls. Since we had never done any anal sex, I asked Tamera what she thought about Jeremy fucking her in her asshole. She replied while almost coming, that she dreams about his big dick up her asshole. With that, she put her legs up and spread so wide that her heels were almost touching her ears and said that was the way she wanted Jeremy to first see her.

When the episode on the video was over, we put an unmarked video on to see what was there. Now there was audio and it showed another hotel room and Jeremy opens the door to six very young men, they didn't look over sixteen, and they come in and start to take off their clothes. They obviously know why they are here and one of them says that the hotel manager told them to come and told them why. Ann Marie comes in wearing a bra and panties. Jeremy pulls her tits out of her bra so that the bra stays on and bunches under her breasts, making them stand up. He tells the boys to help themselves. They waste no time in preliminaries. Ann Marie kneels and tells them she wants to suck off all of them before they start fucking her. They gather around her and start masturbating. As each boy is ready to come, Ann Marie takes him in her mouth to get all his come. When they have all squirted in her mouth, they start in her three holes, three at a time until all the boys have come in her ass, mouth and pussy. What really excited Tamera was that Ann Marie was wearing a necklace that Ann Marie had told her that she bought in Florida just before we met them. This meant that they were still actively fucking and would do some more filming. Jeremy obviously got a VCR camera some time before, since the first movies were 8mm which he had converted to VCR format. Now we could hear what was said, and as exciting as the movies were, they were more so with sound.

We went back to the chronological tapes and watched our friends get older as they fucked. After the sucking tits tape, there were a steady stream of about four orgies a year always with at least six men on Ann Marie followed by two to four women for Jeremy. They were always sixteen to eighteen years old and two were black and two were oriental. One of the blacks had a cock as long as Han's but not nearly as fat. The rest were in my range, six to seven inches. I am recapping the tapes but during our viewing, Tamera and I lost count of the times we came and we did things to one another that we had never done, including anal sex and lots of oral sex, which was rare before. Tamera even started to deep throat me but she would start to choke as I rammed my cock down her throat. She got better and better and now, when I come in her mouth, I push my cock up to my balls into her mouth and she doesn't miss a drop.

The sixteen days passed too quickly for Tamera and me, but when they came home we put Champaign in a bucket of ice with a note of welcome back and we left. Not an hour after we got home they called us to come over and visit. When we arrived they coyly smiled and told us that they knew we had looked at their tapes and admitted that they had put them there for us to discover. They wanted to set up a special relationship with us including fucking our brains out if were we interested. I told Tamera to do what she wanted to do when she saw Jeremy. Tamera surprised me by dropping all of her clothes and getting on the couch and spreading her legs until her toes were near her ears and told Jeremy to climb on board. She started to rub her clit as we watched her. The rest of us stripped and Ann Marie and I watched from close range as Jeremy slowly slid his monster up my wife's hot, wet fuck hole as she furiously rubbed herself . When he got in up to his balls and then slowly drew out and then pushed back in, Tamera looked at me with her eyes glazing said that she was coming. He began to pump her very fast and deep and she began what seemed to be a steady orgasm.

I wondered how I would feel when I saw Tamera getting fucked by that huge cock and I have to admit I was a little jealous but also excited as she took his dick. Ann Marie started to suck me as they fucked and I lost any tenseness I might have had as she worked her magical tongue. I knew from the videos that she would want me to come in her mouth but in the meantime, I wanted to fuck her and fondle her tits and lick her pussy and she was very willing.

After our frantic fuck, we sat around and they told us that what they wanted to have was four or five couples to play with every now and then instead of what they had been doing because they knew they were very lucky to have never caught anything. If they could get a few couples who didn't fuck around except with themselves, we could have the excitement of other people without the danger. They were in New York with one couple who were willing to join our group and when we saw their video of one session that they had, we could see that we were getting world class fuckers and lookers.

Since that night, we have enlisted two other couples who are fairly close plus the couple from New York. We now almost live with our friends. When we come in the house, we strip off our clothes and fucking and sucking is the norm. I came in from work last night and out by the pool, Tamera was on a bar stool, propped by her elbows on the bar, with her legs spread and lifted high by Jeremy holding her calves while he plugged away into her cunt. Ann Marie and I fondled ourselves as we watched them fuck and then she blew me and then I ate her. What a life!

Almost every weekend we have at least another couple and often two extra couples so that we all feel we are constantly getting new stuff and everyone does their best to please their partner so that the sex is tremendous. About four times a year, we all get together for at least three days and our orgies would make the best fuck movies you've ever seen!

When Tamera and I have a rare day at home, we marvel at the past year of our lives. Before then we had only had each other, sexually, and now we both really enjoy watching the other getting pleased in the many ways that it is possible. Also, we are always aroused and we fuck like newlyweds all the time. During the few days we are alone at home, we catch up on our chores. We are always naked and I love to come up to Tamera and push her over and slide my cock into her always wet cunt. I often don't cum but I bang her enough for her to have an orgasm. What a wonderful life!

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