You just found the Sweet Spot!! 

People get bored with sex. ĒThe Missionary? Again?Ē With good reason. Sex can get repetitive if itís the same position, same approach, every time. You wouldnít eat a hamburger every day, now, would you?

And this is why there are sex toys. This is why people try bondage, public sex, or whatever. Now, you donít have to get all gussied up like the Gimp in Pulp Fiction in order to enjoy bondage.

So, what do you need?

Bondage is about trusting your partner enough to let them tie you up and do what they like to you, or vice versa.
Donít like pain? Agree to not go there. Itís pretty simple.

Now, if youíre all gung-ho to tie someone up, but donít want to be tied up yourself, I donít think you deserve to do the tying, and I donít care about this ďBut Iím a top!Ē bullshit. It is an act of trust. If you expect your lover to trust you, but you wonít trust them, then you might as well get a hammer, because thatís the first nail in your relationshipís coffin.

Once youíve decided whoís being tied up first, itís time to play. Personally, I prefer making an agreement to explore bondage in advance, because I think you need to be organized beforehand. There are, indeed, things you need in order to play with bondage.

Ah, youíre not ready yet, grasshopper. Now you need toys. You wonít shell out big bucks on sex toys if you buy from my own online store, Kinky Toys to Go.

Multi-tasking is hot. If youíre standing and you lean down to suck and bite a nipple, then use a hand to tease their inner thigh and the other hand to toy with an ear lobe or something. Remember, they canít see whatís coming. Every touch, every action, they all get you a new reaction. It can be tricky, when youíre the doer, but as the receiver, itís just an incredible mix of feelings.

Always, always, always mix approaches. Bondage without oral should simply be considered wrong. Bondage with straight-through-to-orgasm oral should also be considered wrong, in my world. I think it should be intermittent, incessant teases. Oral, then kiss and suck and bite all over them, then return again to oral play. Interrupt it with more props and toys. Toy with them manually. Change gears as often as youíre able. When the frustrated groans get louder and more pained, start planning your route to orgasm ó by oral? By fucking them? By manual stimulation? Using sex toys? Youíre writing the playbook, you decide. If you like, ask what they want. I never bother, though, Iím in control, Iím deciding.

Devour your lover. Cover every inch of their body with your hands, mouth, and any other body part you can think of. Every place you touch and claim as yours is one less area theyíll be self-conscious about Ė and when youíre tied up in bondage, feeling self-conscious isnít a big stretch. Negate it by doting and outwardly desiring them.

More to follow . . .

Yours truly, Mistress Printcess

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